Your Assurance after Accidents



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What is this Assurance?

Güvence Hesabı (Assurance Account), meets medical treatment expenses of those who suffer bodily injuries (disabilities and death) pays disability indemnities to those who become disabled due to such accidents and also death benefits to dependents who have been deprived of the deceased’s support in case of death.

Scope of the Assurance :

  • Bodily injuries from which anyone suffers in case of non-detection of the insured,

  • Bodily injuries caused by those who have not taken out any insurance policies within the scope of any insurance coverage prevailing on the date of occurrence of risks,

  • Indemnities for bodily injuries payable as much as the difference between the coverage limits of compulsory insurances and also the coverage limits set forth in the insurance policies,

  • Property damages and bodily injuries whereby the Insurance Company becomes obliged to pay should its licences pertaining to all branches are permanently cancelled or it goes bankrupt due to its financial weakness (which is limited to the Compulsory Insurances falling within the scope of the Assurance Account),

  • Bodily injuries by which persons suffer in circumstances where the operator is not held responsible in an accident, in which a stolen or assumed car is involved, as per the Highways Traffic Code 2918 and dated October 13th 1983.

  • Furthermore, the Bureau can also apply for indemnity payments for claim files established within the scope of Green Card Insurances by the Bureau in respect of losses occurring within the boundaries of Turkey.
Insurance Falling within the Scope of the Assurance Account
  1. Highways Motor Compulsory TPL Insurances

  2. Compulsory Highway Passenger Transportation Personal Accident Insurance

  3. Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance for LPG

  4. Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance for Hazardous Materials

  5. Green Card Insurance Payments

  6. Compulsory Mine Workers Personal Accident Insurance