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Güvence Hesabı (Assurance Account) was founded within the body of the Association of the Insurance and Reinsurance Companies of Turkey as per article 14 of the Insurance Act 5584 dated June 14th 2007.

All of the liabilities of the Highway Traffic Guarantee Account, including assets, receivables and obligations thereof, were also transferred to the Assurance Account in accordance with the provisional article 1 of the Insurance Act.


It was established regarding any coverage provided by compulsory insurances with a view to paying indemnities for bodily injuries from which victims of accidents suffer when they are deprived of an insurance coverage in circumstances whereby the insured cannot be detected/found, or no insurance coverage is found to be valid on the date of occurrence of risks or such accidents are caused by stolen or assumed cars.

In addition to such objectives of the Account, the Assurance Account is also responsible for covering property damages and bodily injuries which the insurer providing compulsory insurances is liable to pay in the event that the licences held for all insurance branches by the insured are cancelled or the insured goes bankrupt due to a financial weakness.

What is its Income?

The income of the Assurance includes participation shares of 1% of compulsory insurance premiums which insurance companies, within their scope, collect every year, and participation shares of 2% of net premiums collected from assureds as per Article 8 of the Regulations of the Assurance Account as well as Article 14/3 of the Insurance Act.

Recoveries and investments are also other incomes of the Account in addition to those earned through participation shares.

Incomes and expenses of the Assurance Account are audited by the Republic Of Turkey Ministry of Treasury And Finance.


The Account is managed by the Management Committee and the Management Committee is liable for operations and transactions related to the accounts. The Management Committee fulfils the following duties with regards to the operation of the account :

a) To review information/data and documents in accordance with the relevant legislations and insurance practices and to ensure that claims made to the Account Management are assessed and concluded within the possible shortest time and in accordance with sources,

b) To ensure that documents pertaining to the incomes and expenses of the Account are drawn up and kept in a duly manner,

c) To collect paid losses and other expenses from liable persons as per Article 8 of these Regulations and to initiate actions for recoveries against those persons to this end,

d) To conclude agreements and perform operations and transactions in accordance with the purpose of the Account,

e) To initiate legal proceedings against insurance companies which fail to pay participation shares in due time,

f) To procure that the Account’s assets and incomes are evaluated,

g) To make appointments of the Account personnel, and determine employee personal rights and salaries,

h) To conduct relations with bankruptcy and liquidation administrations, committees and desks in case of bankruptcy or liquidation of insurance companies,

i) To rent, lease and purchase movable or immovable properties so as to perform its activities,

j) To make attempts to apply to the relevant public institutions when necessary if vehicles causing damages bear no valid compulsory third party liability policies as per the fifth paragraph of article 91 of the Act.

k) To make decisions and conduct operations related to any current or future issues and actions concerning the operation of the Account,

l) To make attempts to apply to the relevant public institutions so as to initiate necessary proceedings against persons who are covered by Compulsory Insurance, and who do, however, not have valid insurance policies.